The LieviReal fermentation rooms have been designed so that they can adapt to the ovens of the Real range, and in fact they can be perfectly integrated in these ovens in terms of both size and design. Their main characteristics are the following:
– The door is in stainless steel (standard) both inside and outside and ensures optimal visibility of the product thanks to the wide glazed surface. It is very practical, owing to its automatic closing mechanism, which means that there is no lock, since an automatic device rests the door smoothly on the gaskets when it reaches the closing position.
– The perimetral panels ensure perfect insulation owing to the considerable thickness of the insulating material. They are constituted by two aluminium sheets enclosing a layer of expanded polyurethane.
– The base is supplied only on request and is completely made of stainless steel.
– Humidification and heating are obtained through a suitable system that distributes air uniformly.
– The control panel is clear and easy to use, with two regulators for automatic humidity and heat control.
– Steam regulation is provided by means of a resistive sensor whose measurament field ranges from 15 to 90% rh with ±5% rh precision.
– It is also possible to provide tunnel rooms, with one or two doors on one side and also on the opposite side.