Asso 5E

Static electric oven with refractory baking stone

▪Static baking of bread, pizza and pastries
▪Possibility to switch on 2, 3, 4 or 5 sectors
▪“Split” mode for 2 sectors with 2 trays at different temperatures
▪Stainless steel construction inside and outside
▪Compact dimensions and low consumption
▪Wide range of accessories

ASSO 5E + TP5 + CS12

ASSO 5E + TP5 + BS5 + PT6


Static electric oven with refractory baking stones, AISI 304 stainless steel front panel and panelling. Fully stainless steel baking chamber with side-mounted electric heaters and 13 cm refractory baking stone. The decks are fitted with lights for the trays and manual steam discharge valve.

The Asso oven comes with a control board with touch screen interface to control temperature, baking time, steam and heater power via static relays, so as to ensure uniform baking throughout the products.

Using the controller, the oven can be set for economy operation, leaving off 1, 2 or 3 decks (see Fig. 1) and/or selecting one of the three programmed power levels (see Fig. 2), offering maximum flexibility in terms of baking and energy saving requirements. The “Split” function (see Fig. 1) can also be activated to manage two simultaneous baking cycles with different temperatures and times. The control unit also allows up to 20 baking programs to be set, and manages weekly programming with two different automatic oven switch-on times per day.

The following accessories can be fitted at the top: exhaust hood with two-speed motor and steamer, both controlled directly by the touch screen control board. At the bottom, on the other hand, a proofer, closed tray cabinet or support can be installed.

Technical data