Static electric oven made from modular elements

▪Fully-independent modular elements
▪Suitable for baking bread, pastries and pizza

▪Stainless steel decks
▪Compact dimensions and low power consumption
▪Wide range of baking stone dimensions and accessories




Superior Accessories

T – Automatic hood

TC – Hood with condensation system

Baking chambers

B – Deck height 19 cm

H – Deck height 27 cm

N – Balanced doors – deck height 19 cm – opening 18 cm

Baking chambers


R – Raised part with trays holde

B – Adjustable height (H) lowered support with wheels (S) (S)

B – Adjustable height (H) support with wheels (R) (R)

C – Proofer with fixed support (P) (P)
A – Closed tray cabinet with fixed support (P) (P)

C – Adjustable height (H) Proofer with wheels (R) (R)
– Armadio porta teglie regolabile in altezza (H) con ruote (R)



It’s sturdy and reliable, accurate in baking and extremely efficient in electricity consumes. It can reach 400°C, consenting an optimal baking of particular products.

Each deck is build in stainless steel and this feature allows the oven to disperse less heat to the outside, reflecting it to the inside. This way consumes are reduced and performances are increased. This material permits also to have an optimum hygiene and an unlimited duration.

The baking stones in high quality refractory material allow perfect bakings also for big-size loaves, but also very high temperatures with the maximum robustness and durability.

High efficiency heating elements, removable from the external left side and designed in order to obtain a perfect baking uniformity.

Innovative insulation made by a special one piece glass wool layer, in order to obtain a very efficient insulation

Optional steam unit, totally in stainless steel AISI 304, durable and hygienic, guarantees big amounts of steam with very little recovery time. The external positioning allows a quick and simple maintenance.

Stackable decks, proofing chambers and supports adjustable in height with wheels assure flexibility. Add, change a deck or move the oven for maintenance will be easy and fast.

A grid above each door draws steam at each opening, conveying it into the rear outlet, thus reducing the heat in the frontal part.

304 satinated stainless steel, tempered glass and beech wood are the visible materials. The care of the external surfaces full aligned and easily sanitizable represents the great attention and build quality used for the design of the oven.

The door, the control panel and the external surfaces maintain a low temperature during the baking process. They are therefore not dangerous to the touch: this is possible thanks to the accurate insulation and proper cooling of the oven.

Pizza Oven

“Pizza 4” and “Pizza 6” versions are the best you can desire to obtain a perfect baking, especially for pizza, which needs very high temperatures.

Enhanced electrical resistances and baking chambers covered with refractory material allow constant results even with very intense peaks of work.

The large thermal flywheel given by the additional refractory material allows to maintain high temperatures, compensating the continuous opening of the door due to the short baking time.

In this version the temperature can reach 500 ° C to ensure great productivity and performance.

On this models is not possible to add the steamers

AM 83 BH + TA + CA
2 cooking chambers
height B – height H
Suction hood
Height-adjustable leavening cell with wheels.

ZM 63 PPP + TCA + BZ + PB
3 cooking chambers
Pizza 4
Condensation extraction hood
Height-adjustable support with wheels and tray holder.

ZM 63 RBB + TZ + CZ
2 cooking chambers
height B
Raised tray holder
Suction hood
Height-adjustable leavening cell with wheels.

AM 83 BBB + BA
3 cooking chambers
height B
Lowered support adjustable in height with wheels.

ZM 63 BB + TZ + AZ
2 cooking chambers
height B
Suction hood
Height-adjustable pan holder cabinet with wheels.