Our ovens are built to last over time

Up to 60 years, we have been designing and building our ovens entirely in Italy, using only the highest quality components (Swedish steel, English electronics, German machinery…). With the expertise of 50 highly specialized collaborators who work every day to help you grow in the business. This is why many of Real’s ovens have been in use for more than 40 years.

Our ovens are designed to save energy

An oven consumes energy. A Real Forni oven saves energy. We care about the future of the planet, for us and for our children and grandchildren. We cannot consume the resources of today and tomorrow. This is why our ovens are among the best in the sector in terms of energy saving and respect for the environment.

Our assistance is widespread and fast

Our ovens don’t break. But if they break, we’re ready. With a network of more than 40 assistance points in Italy and 150 assistance points in the world we respond to requests for assistance in less than 24 hours, so that your oven is always working for you.


Each production phase of our products takes place inside our factories, from the raw material to the finished product, guaranteeing you a 100% made in Italy product.

Cut and fold

Starting from pure stainless steel sheet, we manage the processing of all of the stainless steel parts of our ovens internally.


The heat exchangers and all elements requiring welding are produced and tested within our factories.

Annular tube processing

Unlike most of the competition, the production of the annular tubes of our ovens takes place internally. We only use Mannesmann cold drawn steel certified UNI 663 (German standard DIN 17175/I) thickness 4 mm, which is cut, folded and welded internally. Each element is then filled with 30% distilled water, and the sealing of the welds is tested exposing them to a pressure of 700 bar.

Electrical department

The electrical system of our ovens is produced entirely within our factory, from the design stage to realization.


Our assembly technicians can assemble the ovens both at the customer’s site and in the factory, based on the oven’s characteristics and the customer’s needs.

Want you to know us better?

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